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Augusta Country Club

Our Club's History

The Augusta Golf Company, owner of Augusta Country Club, was founded on June 30, 1916 by Guy Gannett, Percy V. Hill, and Walter S. Wyman. They believed that the area needed a golf course and country club. To make this dream come true, they purchased the Brainyard Farm, including a home and 53 acres of land on Route 202, or what was then called the Augusta-Winthrop highway. The home was used for many years to house the greenskeeper. During the summer of 1916, the first 9 holes were constructed on the farm land.

The following year, the Augusta Golf Company acquired the Hammond Homestead. This purchase included a farm house and ell, a barn with vehicle stalls, and land extending to the lake. Today that shoreline has become the beach where our members enjoy warm summer days. The farm house was converted into a dining room and kitchen, and the barn became a men's locker room.

Also in 1916, about the same time that the Augusta Golf Company was formed, the Augusta Country Club was also organized as a State chartered non-profit corporation. In 1917, all the property belonging to the Augusta Golf Company was leased to the Augusta Country Club for them to operate. The same two organizations continue to own and operate the Augusta Country Club today, more than 90 years later. Today, Augusta Country Club has refined the property to include golf, tennis, the beach and the clubhouse for members to enjoy.