Become a Member

Membership Has Its Privileges

As a member at Augusta Country Club, you will have full access to our facilities and events. You will also enjoy the convenience of charging your meals, tournament entry fees and other purchases to your account. All of these charges will be clearly displayed on your monthly invoices. This convenient system allows you to purchase things at the Club without carrying cash or credit cards. This privilege is not available to trial members or guests unless they become full members.

One of the best features of a golf membership is that you can play whenever the course is open! There are no restrictions on what days or times you can play, or how many times you can play each week. Although the course does allow occasional outside organization’s tournaments and our own leagues, our staff will make every effort to get you on the course for a full 18 holes or a quick nine holes before such competitions begin.

If you join as a social member, you can dine in our restaurant or lounge at any time and enjoy all the fun and fabulous free events we hold each season, including evenings that feature a variety of music, dancing and unique theme celebrations. Special events in our Clubhouse are open only to members and their guests.

Special Amenities for Members

Members can rent lockers or club-storage cubbies onsite, so their equipment is always readily available. Want to come out to hit balls on the range during lunch? No problem. With onsite club storage, all you have to do is stop in! There’s no need to keep your car loaded with equipment!

For a complete listing of our amenities and the fees associated with them, click on the link "Amenities Fees." For answers to specific questions, please call 207-623-3021, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Augusta Country Club is now accepting new members with NO INITIATION FEES. You can enjoy superb golf course conditions, great food and amazing friends. All you have to do is join our community! We have many membership categories and can assure you we will find one that fits your needs.